Jim Ellis Freeway Park

Seattle, WA, USA. Lawrence Halprin, Angela Danadjieva.

Completed 1976 (expanded 1982). Shot July 2024.

Landscape architecture can be brutalist too! The verticality of this place and the way it weaves under and around the freeway is remarkable in person.

McGill University, McLennan Library

Montreal, QC, Canada. Dobush, Stewart and Bourke.

Completed 1969. Shot November 2021.

AT&T Long Lines Building

New York, NY, USA. John Carl Warnecke.

Completed 1974. Shot April 2024.

There was some construction going on across the frontage when I visited, so I didn't get the best photos, but man this thing is wild looking in person.

University of Victoria Cunningham Building

Victoria, BC, Canada. Arthur Erickson.

Completed 1971. Shot June 2023.

CN Revelstoke Yard Office

Revelstoke, BC, Canada. Architect unknown.

Shot August 2023.

There is zero info about this building online, I stumbled on it by accident on a road trip. A great little hidden gem.

University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge, AB, Canada. Arthur Erickson.

Completed 1971. Shot August 2023.

Tampa Municipal Office Building

Tampa Bay, FL, USA. Architect unknown.

Completed 1979. Shot July 2023.

MacMillan Bloedel Building

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Arthur Erickson.

Completed 1968. Shot January 2020.